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Lady Civil Engineer, a Wonder Woman in Vegetable Farming

Engr. Roslyn Tan of Lipa City, Batangas is a Civil Engineer and now a successful agro entrepreneur indulging in large scale vegetable production. She was inspired to engage into vegetable farming because his father, Bgy. Captain Vicente Llanes, was for many years a successful grower of tomatoes, hot peppers, papaya, ampalaya, and ginger. Farming was the main source of livelihood that he was able to send them to school, build a house, and live a comfortable life.

Roslyn Tan, in her desire to pursue his father’s agricultural pursuit, partnered with two other siblings to embark on a grand project planting vegetables in their 12-hectare land. To ensure success in their vegetable project, selection of the best seedlings is important. That is why they prefer to plant Farm-Ready Seedlings, the original, tested, quality and trusted seedlings. His father has for many years been using Farm-Ready seedlings for his farming operations.

Roslyn is happy with the progress of her farming operations. The tomatoes, peppers, ampalaya, and papaya that she planted using Farm-Ready seedlings are healthy, robust, and harvest was good. The Diamante Max tomatoes are selling very well and commands good price P1,500 per box, one box contains 20 kilos. This is equivalent to P75 pesos per kilo. This will surely give her and her siblings a huge profit..

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