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Henry Veridiano trusts Farm-Ready grafted seedlings

Henry Veridiano of Nagcarlan Laguna plants vegetables in his 20-hectare farms located in Pila, Majayjay, and Nagcarlan. He plants many vegetables such as ampalaya, hot pepper, tomato, stringbeans, and papaya. Mr. Veridiano is a certified farmer innovator, he was one of the first farmers who planted Farm-Ready’s Grafted Ampalaya last 2014. At that time, many ampalaya growers were affected by the dreaded bacterial wilt, a soil borne disease, that causes sudden wilting to a healthy plant. He was very happy that Farm-Ready’s grafted ampalaya have a strong resistance against the bacterial wilt, fusarium wilt, and rootknot nematodes. This enabled them to resume ampalaya growing which was hampered because of the soil borne diseases. In addition to the disease resistance against soil borne diseases, Mr. Veridiano observed that the grafted ampalaya performs very well in both flooded and drought conditions. The strong root system, bigger, longer healthier root system can absorb nutrients from the soil in an efficient manner enabling the plant to live longer, longer harvest and higher yield and income.

Mr. Veridiano trusts Farm-Ready, whose seedlings are of best quality, easy to grow and higher chances of farming success!

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