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Empowering South Luzon farmers to become more 'farm-ready'

Philippines’ first and leading professional seedling nursery, FARM-READY GG Seedling Corporation, recently opened a distribution center in Lipa City, Batangas to reach more farmers in South Luzon with high-quality seedlings.

“The demand for vegetable seedlings is growing but some smallholder farmers, especially those in South Luzon, have limited access to quality seedling materials and technology,” said Ricardo Reyes, Farm-Ready’s Marketing and Strategy Consultant.

To address this gap, Farm-Ready is expanding its distribution reach in partnership with Concepcion Agricultural Supply of Lipa City to serve the vegetable seedling requirements of farmers in nearby provinces. With the wide network, logistics, and distribution capability of Concepcion Agricultural Supply, local farmers even in remote areas can get easy access to Farm-Ready’s quality seedling products, services and, agri-technology.

Farm-Ready established a greenhouse in the distribution center to ensure a controlled environment for the seedlings to grow healthier and more uniform -- qualities which are important in achieving a perfect start in vegetable growing.

The Farm-Ready distribution center carries the company’s innovations in seedling technology, including Grafted Ampalaya Seedlings. The Grafted Ampalaya Seedlings have a luffa hybrid rootstock and were developed to provide solutions to different soil-borne diseases such as bacterial and fusarium wilts, nematodes and abiotic stresses such as water stress. The grafted seedlings can increase farmers’ harvesting times up to 37 instead of the usual 15 to 18 harvesting times.

Ready-to-plant vegetable seedlings like hot pepper, sweet pepper, tomato, eggplant, and papaya are also available in the distribution center. The center also has FloweReady seedlings of Vinca and Petunia.

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