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About Farm-Ready

Farm-Ready GG Seedling Corporation (FRGG), a subsidiary of East-West Seed Philippines Inc.,  is the first and largest professional seedling nursery in the country.  The company  was established in 2008 to help  improve horticultural practices by offering year-round availability  of safe, healthy and quality vegetable plants. Since then, Farm-Ready the lead in the industry it has created offering innovative products and services resulting to great benefits to farmers to include growing convenience, less risk and higher production success. 


In 2014, a joint venture partnership was formed between East-West Seed Company and Grow Group BV Company to further strengthen Farm-Ready’s foothold, expand its business, and bring the best seedling production technology to the Philippines. East-West Seed is a world-leading vegetable seed company with operations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  It was ranked number 28 out of 53 in FORTUNE’s annual Change the World list of global companies that are “doing well by doing good.”  Grow Group is one of the top players in Dutch market of vegetable plants (100 years experience in professional seedling nursery business) and serve customers all over Europe and have subsidiaries and partners in various countries.

Recently Grow Group BV joined two other established Dutch plant raisers Leo Ammerlaan and Van Der Lugt in a merger to form Plamtise. Plantise is on the top 3 of the approximately 20 breeding companies in the Netherlands with an annual turnover of approximately 75 million Euro with 15% market share.  The company have around 200 permanent employees, and  in busy periods there are around 400 flexible employees nationally and internationally.

With  Plantise  coming in as venture partner of East-West Seed, Farm-Ready stands to benefit with the company’s knowledge and  experience in  plant raising, organization, nursery processes, automation and management. True synergy arises between East-West Seed local knowledge and world class professional nursery expertise of Plantise the Netherlands.


We currently service North, Central and South Luzon, with plans of expansion to other areas. 

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